About the Artist

My Goals

With my art, I explore my psyche and the psyche of society and its environment. A trend that seems to be emerging in our current society is a new type of awareness and self-evaluation. Such issues as the destruction of our environment, the removal of our rain forests, the safety of atomic energy, the stability of our economy, equal rights, and countless personal traumas are almost constantly on our minds. With the extensive media and social media coverage of these events as well as our personal  lives coming into our homes, we are living in an age of constant frozen images. Living in this world without making my voice heard through my work would be impossible.

My Style

A newspaper article commenting on one of my exhibits described my work as "magic super-realism -- a double-edged art form that can express human empathy or leave you feeling totally shut out." I, however, classify my style as "organic realism." Every object or figure is broken down into swirling patterns of color that serve to create a constant feeling of motion.

figures, florals, and fantasy

 Subject Matter of My Art

In my figurative work, I use realistic as well as some distorted/abstracted images to create primarily abstract subject matter. While this is also the case in much of my environmental work, there are many times when I choose a subject solely on its color and/or form. In every case, however, I try to expand what most observers might miss or view only a fraction of.

oil, watercolor, prismacolor

The Media I Use to Create My Work

The media with which I work have primarily been oil, watercolor, prismacolor, and printing. In my latest works, I also have incorporated three-dimensional construction, which is an abstracted extension of the work and serves as the frame for the piece. I also have been using images created with both watercolor and prismacolor as part of a larger and more complex collage construction, marrying it on multiple physical levels with an oil or varied media background. Using this technique, I am able to express an even more complex thought or situation.

Hollywood Expose  For several years, I have been creating wonderful and fantisiful  digital images using 3D, and art computer programs which I then turn into fun Giclee prints and Giclee construction pieces.

I have always been a photographer and used my photographs as source material for my other works. Now with the digital camera I can create truly unique and affordable Giclee prints.

Woodcuts are also a media that I find enjoyable and therapeutic too. Woodcut prints also allow me to produce art that is more affordable to people interested in collecting my work.