About Cegur Studios

Cegur Studios logo and portrait of Bruce Cegur

I've been an artist since I picked up my first crayon and a professional artist for just over 30 years. I've created art organizations and served on the Boards of other artist organizations. I've had several artist representatives and shown my work in numerous galleries as well as having been handled by various galleries. I've entered art competitions as well as acted as juror for many and have won several awards for my work. I do product and commercial design as well as my first love of fine art. To put it in a nutshell, the Art World is a complex and competitive roller coaster of a place. I decided I wanted a steady and permanent venue for showing and selling my art so I created Cegur's Chimera Gallery in 1997 which I have now upgraded to Cegur Studios.

Although I still exhibit in galleries, I am no longer totally dependent on them for my revenue. Did you know that when you purchase a work of art at a major gallery, the artist only receives 40% to 55% of the price you paid? I believe that real, quality art should be affordable and available to everyone. Sure, I have quite a few pieces that might be considered priced for clients of a higher financial bracket but I also create original art specifically to be affordable. Examples of such works are my signed photographs Giclee prints, Giclee Digital Art Constructions, Large Woodcut Prints and various autographed posters. All art on this site is sold directly from the artist himself at the lowest available prices. If you see something you really like and need more information, just contact me by email. Remember, when you click on an email link anywhere on this site, you are contacting me, Bruce Cegur, the artist and not one of my "people."

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