Cegur-Pohl Award

My husband, Chris Pohl and I created  the Cegur-Pohl award for the next 20+ years of the Salon Show at The South Shore Arts, Munster, IN. This award will be in the amount of $1,500 per year. It is Chris and my intent to help support artists in the future with money that they probably need and another award to add to their portfolios. I won my first award when I was in High School at the NIAA which is now the South Shore Arts, started in 1936. When I moved back to NW Indiana from Chicago, I became a member of the NIAA, now South Shore Arts and served on the Board and for many years on the Exhibit Committee. As an artist my work has been included in the Salon Show several times and each time I wished to win a decent cash award so we could pay the bills. Plus, I wanted the feeling of walking up to the stage to accept the award.

This is a photo of us with the first recipient of the Cegur-Pohl Award along with her winning artwork

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